High Quality Bed Sore Mattress?

If you suffer with bed sores and are struggling to get a decent night’s sleep, then Dan Medica South’s bed sore mattress is the ideal solution for you. We do not want anyone to have to suffer the pain of pressure sores and so our directors have spent the last 40 years in the medical sector designing and manufacturing products to alleviate as much pressure as possible. We understand that some people are confined to their bed or wheelchair permanently, so our product range is designed to give clients as much comfort as possible, and prevent the occurence of painful sores. 

High Quality Bed Sore Mattress?

Here at Dan Medica South, we currently have two selections of bed sore mattress from the Treat-Eezi range: the community pressure ulcer overlay and the full length pressure ulcer overlay. Both are built up of multiple layers of polyester fibres that are designed to significantly reduce chafing, improve blood flow, and have been proven to assist with all four levels of pressure sores healing, as well as many other advantages. 

Our products are very unique and offer unbeatable benefits, to the extent that our full length overlay bed sore mattress has a worldwide patent status. Please see our individual product pages to get more in depth details about our bed sore mattress products and to see measurements, additional products and further information about their use and benefits. 

We are also able to provide vapour permeable covers which are designed to go on top of your bed sore mattress which nurses or care workers can easily wipe down and disinfect. Our other products include seat pads, wheelchair cushions, motorcycle seat pads, gel toileting pads, and more. So take a look at our website to find out more details about each of our products. 

How Can Bed Sores Affect you? 

Bed sores, also known as pressure sores, occur when the skin experiences a significant amount of pressure over a long period of time, they generally appear on wheelchair users and those who are bed ridden. Damage to the skin and tissue is categorised in four levels, the first being discolouration and painful or itchy skin. The second level will see the irritated skin become an open wound, followed by level three which is a much deeper wound and can cause problems with layers below the skin. The fourth level can see damage done to your muscles and even your bones. 

It is important to get the bed sores treated immediately when signs for level one or two show up, in order to avoid the horrible side effects of level four, such as infection, sepsis and even death. While there are treatments available for the later stages, they often involve invasive surgery and long recovery periods, so preventative measures are the best way to combat sores. These measures can include regular movement, whether assisted or not, and frequent cleaning alongside using pressure care products such as our bed sore mattress. 

Are you Interested to Speak to Our Experts? 

If you would like to find out more about our bed sore mattress then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We want to be able to provide you with the best and most appropriate information, so we have separate contact details for international, medical sales, general and sales enquiries, which can be found here. Our team is friendly and has good knowledge about the products and so will be able to help you as much as possible.