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Perfect medical grade gel pads suitable for DIY tasks where pressure relief & comfort is required.  They are ideal for fitting into Motorcycle seats for disbursing pressure as well as absorbing vibration and shock.  They can easily be cut and resealed using clingfilm or sellotape.

These pads have been sold worldwide to biking enthusiasts, power-boat racers, Film studios (we are proud these have been purchased for use in the forthcoming Star Wars Movie!) the Veterinary field and stunt professionals to name a few.  The gel is suitable for stable flat surfaces.   Please refer to our fitting instructions for any further fitting guidance you may require.  We also have a comprehensive list of professional fitters throughout the UK so if you are not confident in fitting these pads yourself, please contact us for your nearest recommended fitter.

Please be aware our gel products are used in hospitals and in wheelchairs therefore we manufactured to the highest specifications.  Our pads are high quality medical grade and are anti fungal & anti bacterial.  In simple terms this to a biker means they can be confident placing a Dan Medica South Ltd pad inside their seats without fear of contamination or green fungus growing on top of the vinyl.

Alas our success has produced a flurry of dubious quality gels which initially appear the same but by far do not act the same.  Pick our gels for peace of mind.

Size: Measurements (approx.  See illustrations diagrams for further clarification) :

Please note the sizes given below and in the illustrations are approximate.  Each gel pad is individually hand filled and as such we cannot guarantee a precise match to the centimetre.

Small :     max 23cm (L) x 18cm (top left to right) x 13cm (bottom left to right) x 1.8cm thick (approx)

Medium: max 24cm (L) x 24cm (top left to right) x 17cm (bottom left to right) x 1.8cm thick (approx)

Large:      max 25cm (L)  x 32cm (top left to right) x 17cm (bottom left to right) x 1.8cm thick (approx)

XLarge:   max 36cm (L) x 36cm (top left to right)  x 17cm (bottom left to right) x 1.8cm thick (approx)

Custom Blocks:  Small 40cm x 40cm/16″ x 16″, Medium 43cm x 43cm/17″ x 17″ & Large 50cm x 50cm / 20″ x 20″ (All 1.8cm thick) (approx)

Please note the sizes given above and in the illustrations are approximate.  Each gel pad is individually hand filled and as such we cannot guarantee a precise match to the centimetre. (>/< 2cm).


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Our now famous range of DebbonAir motorcycle gel seats with or without covers is available in a wide range of sizes.

This Deluxe range offers you the flexibility of using the gel pad by itself for several different situations.  It’s ideal in stadiums, on a theatre seat and basically on any hard surface.  Many of our customers purchase extra covers to fit onto additional bikes and can transfer the pad onto whichever bike they use.

How to choose the appropriate size for your seat.  As a rule :

The Extra large is for the bigger touring bike (e.g. Fat Boy Harley Davidson) and larger customers requiring a longer, wider pad.  (Illustration of the extra large pad on the seat below) 36cm x 36cm (approx)

The large size is most suitable for touring motorcycles,  (Illustration of the large pad on the seat below)  32cm x 25cm (approx)

The medium is most suitable for sports motorcycles or touring pillion seats (Illustration of the medium pad on the seat below)  24cm x 24cm (approx)

The small is ONLY suitable for a very very small pillion seat found on some racing sports bikes or as a tank buffer to protect your private parts  (Illustration of the small pad on the seat below)


We always recommend you take the seat measurements and compare them with our drawings to ascertain the most appropriate size.  When doing so please note there are two types of pressure problems, the first being pain and discomfort from the backside (which starts from your Ishcial tuberosities, the bony parts of your bottom) but there are secondary issues.  If you experience tingling or aching legs it would be wise to pick a larger size so the gel can spill over the sides of the seat and cushion the groin area protecting your nerve endings and stopping blood vessels from being pinched, this also helps increase blood flow into the legs.

Under normal circumstances, gel pads will increase your riding height by approx 1 cm only.  Our gel pads are approximately 1.8 cm thick allowing the bottom bones (ischials) to be immersed and enveloped.  Gel less than 1.5 cm will cause the bottom bones to sink through the gel and hit the seat thus causing pressure build-up (and isn’t that why you’re looking at gels for improved comfort!?)  Note:  the sizes given above are approximate.  These gel pads are individually filled and as such the dimensions can change from one pad to another therefore it would be safe to allow an approximate 1cm+ reduction in some.

“Here’s one for you Lynne, just been asked to look at why the gel seat he purchased wasn’t very comfortable. Here’s why – 5 mm thick!”  Alan Woodier, CustomcoversUK, Weston Super Mare, Somerset (please refer to the last picture in the gallery)

Info & Care

Once purchased the gel should give you years of service, even when cut it can be easily resealed.

Should you have a change of heart and decide to put the gel on the outside of the seat you can purchase our DebbonAir Deluxe cover on this site.  The thick luxurious Neoprene top is water repellent and any minimal surface water can be removed with a swipe of the hand.  The base is non-slip rubber.  As for the strapping, this is 1.5 metres of heavy-duty industrial Velcro for extra security.  When using for the first time secure around the seat and cut any excess Velcro off.  Wash by hand at 30 degrees and leave to dry naturally.  Do not tumble dry or machine wash. (Include gel fitting instruction diagrams)

The gel pad.  Do not wash.  To clean: wipe with a wet cloth.  If the pad is cut it can simply be resealed using standard sellotape or clingfilm.  Always store product flat.

Want to read an independent report on our product?

Fitting Instructions

We are pleased to offer a selection of fitting instructions written by some of our Customers.  We hope these give you guidance should you wish to embark on this task yourself :

Fitting instructions

Paris Dakar Spain

Fitting instructions for Yamaha XT600e

Please Note: The pads with and without covers are available for worldwide shipping, please contact us for further information.

Additional information

Weight and dimensions shown below are for the shipping package.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

24cm x 24cm x 17cm Medium, 25cm x 18cm x 14cm Small, 32cm x 25cm x 17cm Large, 36cm x 36cm Extra Large, 40cm x 40cm Small Custom Block, 43cm x 43cm Medium Custom Block, 46cm x 46cm Medium Custom Block, 50cm x 50cm Large Custom Block

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    5 out of 5

    Dan Medica South (verified owner)

    Professional Fitter

    Thank you, Lynne. Much appreciated.
    We had a trade show at the weekend and had so many previous customers comment positively about the gel pads. So just to let you know they are happy bunnies and you’re doing a brilliant job (I’m sure you already knew that anyway!)
    Take care

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    I love this site, great new technology. It's an interesting read. Hope it kicks off here, Id buy one!

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