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The need to protect the heels with patients laying in bed for long periods has never been more paramount to good nursing care. Like the ischial bones (bottom bones) the heels come under tremendous forces with the tissue in constant contact with bed linen and hard mattresses that have no give in the material, thus pressure sores start to develop and the skin slowly diminishes its layers.

The Treat-Eezi Heel Pad counteracts the above and like the seat pad envelopes the contact areas of the foot which upon movement glide against the three under layers reducing shear forces and spreading the entire load to a reasonable level thereby enhancing blood flow through the peripheral arteries.

This simple Heel Pad can be used on any bed or even placed on wheelchair footrests, it has even been used by NHS therapists and placed in Incubators for protection of the skin in newborn babies.


Measurement:  70cm x 30cm


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Clinical Data

Evaluation of Treat-Eezi on Stage 3 & 4 Wounds – NHSpdf-icon

Dan Medica South Treat Eezi Clinical Report – Dr S Young pdf-icon

Dan Medica South Treat Eezi Ultrasound Analysis (part 1) pdf-icon

Dan Medica South Treat Eezi Ultrasound Analysis (part 2) pdf-icon

Dan Medica South Treat Eezi Supine Pressure Mapping Test Results pdf-icon

Dan Medica South Treat Eezi Seated Pressure Mapping Test Results pdf-icon

Dan Medica South Treat Eezi BS 7177 Approval pdf-icon

Air Permeability & Anti Fungal Test pdf-icon

Dept of Neurological Rehabilitation, Warsaw, Poland pdf-icon

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