About Pressure Sores

Pressure sores, also known as bedsores or pressure ulcers, are areas of damaged skin and tissue that develop when sustained pressure cuts off circulation to vulnerable parts of the body. Pressure sores most commonly occur over bony areas such as the heels, hips, tailbone, and elbows.

What Causes Pressure Sores?

Pressure sores are primarily caused by prolonged pressure on the skin, which can occur when a person remains in one position for too long without shifting their weight. Other contributing factors include friction, shear force, moisture, poor nutrition, and decreased mobility.

Early Warning Signs of Pressure Sores

Recognising the early warning signs of pressure sores is crucial for knowing when to seek further medical help. These signs include:

  • An increase in the size or drainage of the pressure sores.
  • Increased redness around the sore or black areas starting to form.
  • The sore starts smelling and/or the drainage becomes a greenish colour.
  • You develop a fever.

Pressure Sores Prevention

Preventing pressure sores involves reducing the risk factors and implementing preventive measures. These include:

  • Regularly repositioning individuals who are immobile
  • Using support surfaces such as specialised mattresses or overlays like the Treat-Eezi range
  • Keeping the skin clean and dry
  • Ensuring proper nutrition and hydration
  • Performing skin inspections regularly

Treating Pressure Sores

Once pressure sores develop, prompt treatment is essential to prevent complications and promote healing. Treatment may involve:

  • Relieving pressure on the affected area
  • Keeping the wound clean and moist
  • Debriding dead tissue
  • Applying dressings or topical medications
  • Using support surfaces to reduce pressure
  • Addressing underlying medical conditions

Our Treat-Eezi range can help in the prevention and healing of pressure sores.  We have a full range of products offering head-to-toe healing.