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Community pad overlay to heal and prevent pressure sores.

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The Teat-Eezi community pad overlay, bed pads for bed sores, is designed to be laid on top of mattresses. Due to its size, it can be easily transported in any travelling case allowing the user complete freedom unlike the traditional products available. It naturally and gently moves with the patient creating an almost zero chafing area allowing the patient a silent, comfortable sleep along with the assurance any pressure sores present are given the best possible chance to breathe and heal.

Product benefits

  • Precision Relief: Using advanced 3D pressure sensor mapping, community pad overlay, bed pads for bed sores, provides targeted relief by accurately identifying pressure points, ensuring optimal support for patients.
  • Pressure Relief: Our unique 4-layer design that addresses shearing, our pressure relieving overlays offer unique pressure sore prevention, trusted by over 10,000 medical professionals since 2016.
  • Breathability: Enhanced breathability ensuring optimal airflow for keeping patients comfortable and cool.
  • Noise Benefits: No noisy pump systems; our static solution guarantees a peaceful environment, free from disruptions or maintenance hassles.
  • Endorsements and Warranty: Backed by endorsements from NHS community services and a full two-year warranty.
  • Easy Application: Our pressure relieving overlays have easy to follow instructions.
  • Transportable: Due to its size, our community pad overlay, bed pads for bed sores,  can be easily transported in any travelling case allowing the user complete freedom unlike the traditional products available.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 40 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm
  • Weight load approx. 21 stones/129 kilos – no minimum weight
  • Our pressure relieving overlay can be washed to 80 degrees and bleached (no fabric softeners)
  • Our pressure relieving overlay is X-Ray translucent.
  • Bariatric pressure relieving mattress overlay range is now available for custom orders (approx. lead time 4 weeks)  Contact us for further details.
  • 2-year manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Vapour Permeable covers are available for multi-patient use or patients with incontinence issues.**

**  If vapour permeable covers are used, we recommend periodically that the overlay is taken out of the cover and laundered or shaken & left to breathe.  This allows the many thousands of fibres inside Treat-Eezi to bounce back, allowing air to flow.  The Treat-Eezi pressure relieving mattress overlay should always be taken out of the cover when storing or laundering.  View our vapour permeable covers 

Who is it for

The Treat-Eezi community pad overlay, bed pads for bed sores,  is ideal for individuals who spend prolonged periods in bed or seated, and want to be able to transport the overlay easily.  These include:

  • Elderly individuals with limited mobility
  • Patients recovering from surgery or injury
  • Those at risk of developing pressure sores
  • Caregivers looking to enhance comfort for their loved ones

How to look after it

Caring for your Treat-Eezi pressure relieving overlay is simple:

  • Regularly inspect the overlay for any signs of damage or wear.
  • Machine washes on a gentle cycle to 80 degrees using mild detergent (no fabric softeners).
  • Air dry or tumble dry on low heat.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions for optimal care and longevity.


  • Considering individual circumstances may be appropriate for the use of these pressure relieving overlays.  Standard medical care must be followed at all times.  These pressure relieving overlays are not intended to replace any procedure or guidelines in place for the prevention of pressure wounds.  
  • Due to personal hygiene reasons and to avoid cross-infection being passed from one person to another, we regret we are not able to accept returns of this product once it has been opened and used.
  • Following comments from professionals with time constraints, we have introduced an industry-approved vapour permeable cover.  This allows for easy cleaning/wiping.  We do however believe the less you put between our Treat-Eezi material and the user the more effective it will be.
  • Not suitable for pelvic obliquities or windswept hips when used in a seating position.

Clinical Data

The Treat-Eezi range, developed by DanMedicaSouth Ltd, represents an advancement in the field of pressure sore prevention and management. Through a series of clinical trials, the efficiency and impact of Treat-Eezi pressure relieving overlays on mitigating pressure damage and promoting wound healing have been rigorously evaluated. These trials aim to provide comprehensive evidence regarding the effectiveness, safety, and practicality of Treat-Eezi pressure relieving overlays across various patient populations and care settings. By exploring the outcomes of these trials, healthcare professionals can gain valuable insights into the potential benefits of integrating Treat-Eezi products into their clinical practice, ultimately improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

View full clinical data

Additional information

Weight and dimensions shown below are for the shipping package.

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Product Options

Seat Pad Overlay 4 layer 40cm x 50cm, Vapour Permeable Cover 40cm x 50cm, Full Length COVER 195cm x 90cm, Pillowcase, Community Pad 3 Layer Paediatrics Weight load approx 17 stone / 108 kilos, 2 Layer Weight load approx 13 stone / 80 kilos (**), Community Pad 4 Layer Weight load approx 25 stone / 159 kilos, Heel Pad, Full Length Treat Eezi Overlay 195cm x 90cm, Community Pad COVER 1m x 80cm

13 reviews for Community Pad Overlay

5.00 out of 5 stars

  1. Reviewer profile image

    Dan Medica South (verified owner)

    Dear Derek,

    As promised, I'm writing to you to give you an idea how I have fared with your product.

    I was given an air inflated mattress from my district nurse as I am suffering from MND and my skin was starting to go pink. The first time I used it my wife had to sleep on the sofa and I could not get any sleep because of constantly moving and the noise of the electric pump, it felt so uncomfortable. I started researching more friendly alternatives on the internet and thankfully found the Treat Eezi products.

    I read a few testimonials from other customers and discovered how easy your product healed some nasty looking wounds. Because I had many questions, I phoned and you were very kind and explained things in an easy manner which I could fully understand.

    I have now been using the full length version for 3 weeks now and can not only sleep well but my wife can sleep with me also, the redness has disappeared and I have no fear of pressure sores, thanks to using the product each evening. I was initially skeptical as the overlay appeared very thin but soon realized when I laid on it, it very slightly moved with me, stopping any dragging of my skin and kept my skin dry.

    I wanted to say thanks Derek, I'm grateful for your product and I have already recommended Treat Eezi to my district nurse. Please feel free to place this testimonial on your site for others to read.

    Yours, Steve Gibson, London

  2. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Dan Medica South (verified owner)

    Carol McC

    Having ordered your product (Treat Eezi) for my Mum, I decided to give the 3 layer overlay a go, as I have sciatica and I find I had to turn or move in bed. It has helped prevent sores, is light and easy to wash, and is certainly a product I would recommend.

    This customer has been purchasing Treat Eezi since 2017

  3. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Dan Medica South (verified owner)

    Thursday, 16 May 2019 | Shorna

    I have had the treat-eezi bed pad for just over a month. The parcel was well packed and took 5 days from despatch. The time many letters take here in S.E. Spain.

    Before I used the pressure pad I was constantly finding little blisters which turned into minor sores. Since using the pad no more blisters and the minor sores have almost gone completely. I assume the major sores are also getting the benefit and are mending more quickly despite being unable to effectively change my husband's position due to the permanent positioning of arms and legs.

    I would recommend this pressure pad to anyone requiring the easing of pressure . It is simple to change and washes well, even by hand.

  4. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Dan Medica South (verified owner)

    “As a Paralympic hand-cyclist I spend hours in the saddle training, and in my spare time enjoy long bike adventures in some extreme conditions. Being paraplegic and without sensation from the chest down, I am always looking for innovative products to prevent pressure sores. The Treat-Eezi pad has provided me with comfort and pressure relief for my bony parts whilst cycling, and is light, washable and has good anti-shearing properties.”
    Dr Karen Darke MBE, Paralympic Gold Medallist

  5. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Dan Medica South (verified owner)

    Dear Derek,

    Its pleasure to help you in growing the business in Qatar.

    Last Order from Treat Eezi was for a big private hospital and it had a fabulous Feedback.
    Best Regards
    Mohammed Hassan
    Medtech, Doha - State of Qatar

  6. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Vibohosa Elisa

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for supplying the Treat Eezi product so quickly, Mum was in urgent need of this as the alternating air bed was just keeping her awake at night and not helping her pain or sores. I just cant believe our local District Nurses/Tissue Nurses are so blinkered to new technology, as they hadn't heard of your new product it was just immediately dismissed - of course they know better (NOT!). After seeing how Mums sore healed so quickly when using your product you would have expected an apology - no, just a grunt. Keep up the good work, you have helped my worries and my Mums pain and sores, cant thank you enough!

  7. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Dan Medica South (verified owner)

    Hi Lynne,
    I hope you had a good Bank Holiday? We had been invited out to see one of our suppliers in Italy with the opportunity to visit their factory and to then enjoy their historic town built on top of a cliff, which was just beautiful! Anyway, it gave me the chance to test the Treat-Eezi community pad. The bed pad was wonderful, so lightweight and easy to transport, it made a huge difference to our luggage as it so compact and I found it very comfortable to sleep on and no sign of pressure marks on a strange hotel bed. I feel that the bed pad is well priced and value for money.
    Katherine P

  8. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5


    Easy to use and effective Review by sf99999

    Purchased for my Mum who is not mobile and had started to develop a bed sore - first night bruising had gone down significantly ( and from purple to green), by third night skin had recovered and healed. She now uses day ( on her chair) and night.

  9. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Katherine Atkinson

    It’s always lovely to hear that a customer has gotten on so well with a product, especially one that can make such a difference to people’s quality of life.
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to reach these customers! We of course can’t take too much credit as it is your wonderful product that has made the difference.

    I’ve forwarded this email on to our Managing Director and Customer Services Team Leader – I’m sure it will come as some much needed good news today!

    Thanks again
    Best regards,
    Katherine Atkinson
    Savantini Ltd.

  10. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Ed Weeden

    I recently purchased a four-ply "Treat-eezi" pad for use. I did so with the hope that it would not only help with pressure sores forming, but also relieve the itchy skin which is a sign of the skin in affected areas becoming vulnerable to such pressure sores. On the very first night this pad provided the first nights itch-free sleep in weeks. It also helps when used in a chair while sitting. I am amazed that this product is so effected. Had I known about its benefits, I would have ordered it when my family member first became restricted in her mobility. Even better, it is easily portable from place to place and washable. I fully and enthusiastically endorse this wonderful product!
    Ed Weeden, Lincolnshire, England

    Sent from my iPad

  11. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Dan Medica South (verified owner)

    simple pressure relieving device Review by Onya Smithson
    “ My father is in a care home and bedridden, this has been been invaluable for keeping him comfortable. The staff at the home rave about how effective it is and I feel it has made a great difference to him in this painful and uncomfortable situation.Dad mainly used to get pressure sores at the base of his spine and has on one occasion had them on his heels too. This is a simple pressure relieving device and it has worked well and I woul would recommend to others in this situation.
    OS ” (Posted on 28 April 2016)

  12. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Samantha Hullis

    Hi Lynne

    Re: Eustace, the three legged sheep (see pictures in our gallery)

    Yes I certainly will share and spread the word. There is no doubt at all that the Treat Eezi pad is responsible for the improvement - photos prove it!

    Samantha, Student Veterinary Nurse, Suffolk

  13. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Lynne on behalf of W Jones

    Dear Lynne, I’d like to pass on my experience with the Treat Eezi pad. It’s a bit convoluted so thanks in advance for taking the time to read on!

    I purchased 2 pads (to wash and use) originally for my Mother who had suffered a stroke and had been in hospital for several weeks. I’d searched on line intending to buy an air mattress but found that the high cost of this type of equipment was way out of my reach. Upon searching further, I found the Treat Eezi web site and considered that this lower cost option was worth a try.

    However, when My Mother returned home a hospital bed was supplied along with air mattress equipment, (the type she had been using in the hospital), meaning that she never used the Treat Eezi pads. It’s worth mentioning that upon discharge from hospital my Mother had pressure sores on her heals which were treated at home by a District Nurse. These sores only developed while my Mother was in hospital and made the last few months of her life more painful than they needed to be.

    In the meantime, my Father, a dementia sufferer, was spending an increasing amount of time in bed and had also developed a pressure sore at the top of his buttock area. I was trying to treat this with Conotrane and Germolene. I used both the Treat Eezi pads on my Father’s bed to cover the whole area. I was not confident that the pads would work as the instructions recommended lying directly on the pad without clothing, which was not practical in my Father’s case. After using the pads for 3 weeks the pressure sore healed beautifully and only a dark patch of skin was visible. The Treat Eezi pad has remained in use for the last 9 months until now with my Father spending between 21 to 23 hours in bed each day with no sign whatsoever of any further pressure sores developing anywhere on his body.

    I think I take it for granted now that my Father does not suffer from pressure sores but know this can only be due to the Treat Eezi pads. Considering the large amount of time he spends in bed, his physical health could be much worse by now. Personally, as my Father’s carer, the absence of pressure sores has also made my job more bearable.

    The only negative point is that the pads would be better if they covered the entire mattress and not just a small area. That said, I would encourage anyone to try the pads as I believe they have made a big difference in my Father’s care and well-being.

    Thank you and best regards
    Wendy Jones

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