Pressure Sore & Ulcer Specialists

The only UK Specialised Pressure Care company that manufactures products for more than just the Healthcare industry for treatment and prevention for pressure ulcers.


We are dedicated to transforming patient care through innovative solutions designed to enhance patient comfort, as well as healing and prevention for pressure ulcers (very high risk to stage 4 pressure ulcers). Our mattress pressure is mapped between 28mmHg and 34mmHg (millimetres of mercury) which correlates to mean average pressures. They are evenly placed under the contact areas of the body, thus allowing good peripheral blood flow and avoiding arterial occlusion. Our products offer pressure relief to reduce skin breakdown ensuring that every patient receives the care they deserve.

Our Treat-Eezi Range

Our unique Treat-Eezi range is designed to meet the diverse needs of medical professionals and patients. From pressure relief full length overlays to seat pads, our products can offer head-to-toe healing.  Each product is developed to optimise patient comfort and clinical outcomes. With our commitment to prevention for pressure ulcers, Treat-Eezi provides the support needed for better patient care. Very high risk to grade 4.

How Treat-Eezi Works

Treat-Eezi works by using a unique 4-layer design that addresses skin shearing, a crucial factor in prevention for pressure ulcers. Unlike standard overlays, our products are guided by 3D pressure sensor mapping utilising a three-way weave spacer fabric that evenly distributes pressure over the entire surface. This layered composition moves against each other, minimising skin shearing and reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. 

prevention for pressure ulcers

Why Choose Treat-Eezi?

Our products have a number of features that make them stand out in the market for healing and prevention for pressure ulcers:

  • Proven to help heal stage 1, 2, 3, and 4 pressure ulcers
  • Suitable for both healing and prevention for pressure ulcers
  • Maintains healthy skin and peripheral arteries
  • Allows for airflow distribution
  • Static system ensures a peaceful sleep environment without noisy pumps
  • Helps prevent shearing of the skin with layered technology
  • Easily transportable, with a full two-year warranty
  • Risk category: Very high risk to stage 4 pressure ulcers

Who is Treat-Eezi For?

Treat-Eezi is ideal for anyone in need of effective pressure care management for healing and prevention for pressure ulcers. Whether you’re a patient recovering from surgery, an elderly individual prone to skin breakdown, or a caregiver looking for reliable solutions, the Treat-Eezi range can help. Our products are trusted and used by NHS and other care facilities.


Our experience spanning over 30 years in pressure care for both treatment and prevention for pressure ulcers gives our customers peace of mind in the knowledge they are purchasing a wheelchair cushion from a company who know about pressure care and the risk it entails when not treated properly as prevention for pressure ulcers is better than cure. Offering a complete range of Pressure Care Products, making life better for all those in need. Depending on your circumstances we offer Medium to High risk Polyurethane Gel designed for healing and prevention for pressure ulcers.


Love your Bum, The Best possible way to avoid “NUMB Bum”.

Looking to resolve your Numb Bum problems & discomfort when riding? Well look no further; we have the best, thickest Gel pads and the most practical Fibre seats resolving YOUR issues whatever YOUR circumstances.

With years of experience in the Medical industry specialising in treatment and prevention for pressure ulcers for the disabled & infirm, we have developed a range of products suitable for all types of motorcyclists, all packed with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty (outer covers excluded).

From seats specifically for the summer & for the rain to gel and air-mesh pads which give all-year-round protection for both rider and pillion.

Trusted by over 3 million+ customers worldwide since 2002!

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“The pad has dramatically improved my back issues when riding long distance. Very easy to fit and extremely comfortable.

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