Searching for Motorcycle Seat Pads?

Are you finding that riding your motorcycle has started to become painful? Are you reluctant to go on a long ride for fear of becoming stiff and sore? It’s probably time to replace your motorcycle seat pad. Here at Dan Medica South, we offer a variety of different types of seating pads that will fit onto almost any motorcycle. We know that having comfort on your journey is of fundamental importance, not just to your enjoyment of your ride, but also for your safety. Being numb or in pain will take away from your concentration, which could lead to accidents or crashes. It’s best to always make sure that both you and your bike are in the best condition before going for a ride.

Why get a Motorcycle Seat Pad?

A motorcycle seat pad is an excellent choice for almost any biker. A well made seat pad, like our gel pads are a cost effective way to make your ride more comfortable. Unlike a full seat replacement, which could cost hundreds of pounds, a seat pad will only set you back a faction of that cost. This means that you can spend your money on other parts of your bike. It is also very much a ‘quick-fix’ and not in a bad way. Our gel seat pads are easy to install and begin to work immediately, improving your comfort while riding from the very first day.

Riding while uncomfortable can lead to stiffness, lower back pain and even numbness. These symptoms can make rides less enjoyable and more painful, removing much of the enjoyment of the ride. This can often be because the weight of the rider is coming down through the tailbone, rather than being distributed across the body evening. A gel seat pad is designed to spread the riders weight across the whole seat, reducing the amount of work the lower back muscles have to do and reducing pressure points. This removes much of the tightness, pain and numbness that can be experienced whilst riding. 

Here at Dan Medica South, our gel seat pads are quality products that have been inspired by the medical grade cushions, such as those used in wheelchairs. This means that our product has the thickness and ability to remain comfortable no matter how long the journey might take. The use of gel within our motorcycle seat pads also protects the rider from the shock and vibrations caused by bumps in the road, giving a smoother, more enjoyable ride. This only adds to the benefits of our comfortable seat pads. You’ll find that you won’t be spending as much time stopping on journeys. You won’t need to stretch your legs or give yourself a break nearly as often with our seat pads, they are the perfect companion for all your rides.

Want to Find out More?

If you’re interested in finding out more about our excellent range motorcycle seat pads, then why not browse our website? We have a seat pad to suit you and your bike, coming in a number of sizes. If you have a more specific question or would like more information then our website provides, then you’re welcome to contact us directly. You can leave us a message through our website, or you can email us at [email protected]. Alternatively you can give us a call on 0208 133 2851.