The Basics About Motorcycle Gel Pads

Lots of people complain that their motorcycle seat is uncomfortable when they’re riding for long periods of time. Thankfully, you can upgrade your bike seat by investing in a gel pad and there are several benefits associated with doing so. Gel pads are used worldwide by biking enthusiasts and they can be incredibly effective. However, there is a huge range of motorcycle seat pads on the market and it can be difficult to know which is best. 

If you’ve been considering fitting a gel pad into your motorbike seat and you’d like to learn more about them before you purchase one, keep reading today. Below we have answered some of the questions we’re most frequently asked at Dan Medica South about motorcycle gel seat pads, covering all of the basics you need to know. 

Why are gel pads beneficial?

The majority of people purchase gel pads for their motorcycles to make them more comfortable. Both interior fitting and exterior fitting gel pads can help to prevent the ‘numb bum’ that riders get and these seat pads will make long journeys much more enjoyable. 

Fitting a gel pad into your motorbike seat can also help to absorb vibration and shock whilst you’re riding. The ischial bones will be immersed and enveloped by the gel, preventing pain and discomfort. A high-quality gel pad can disburse pressure under the ischial bones too, preventing pressure build-up. 

Which gel pads should you purchase?

It isn’t uncommon for people to purchase thin gel pads for their motorcycles, try them once and immediately throw them away because they simply don’t work. One of the most important things to remember when you’re buying a gel pad for your bike is that thickness matters. A specific depth is required to support the ischial bones and if the gel is too thin, the bones will penetrate directly through the gel and it won’t make a difference to your comfort levels. 

Here at Dan Medica South, our gel pads are 1.5 – 1.8 cm thick, which is proven to be the optimum thickness, and they offer years of reliable and comfortable riding. Our seat pads are thick enough to provide you with the support you need, but not too thick that they’re cumbersome and inconvenient to install. 

It’s worth noting that not all gel pads on the market will have anti-fungal or anti-bacterial properties. Many will bring their motorcycle out at the beginning of the season to find their leather seat covered in green fungus and this can result in the whole seat needing to be replaced. Some gel pads aren’t fire retardant either, so you need to ensure you’re choosing wisely when you purchase your motorcycle seat pad.

How should gel pads be installed?

Gel pads are like baking bread, not only does what goes into the mixture matter, but how it’s mixed is crucial too. If you want your motorcycle seat pad to be as effective as possible, it’s essential to ensure you’re installing it correctly. Whilst external fitting seat pads are fairly straightforward, interior fitting gel pads are frequently installed incorrectly. 

In order for a gel pad to make your seat more comfortable and prevent pressure build-up, the gel needs to be as close to your body as possible. If you install the gel pad underneath copious amounts of foam and other materials, it will be completely useless. Contrary to popular belief, you should never put a gel pad underneath your motorcycle seat. 

Purchasing a new gel pad for your motorcycle

When you’re wanting to purchase a gel pad for your motorcycle, be sure to explore the rest of the Dan Medica South website. You can purchase from us in confidence knowing our products have been tried and tested, and they can make even long journeys feel short. Unlike other suppliers of motorbike seat pads, our gel products are also used in hospitals and therefore, they are manufactured to the highest specifications. You can guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you place an order for one of our DebbonAir gel pads. 

If you’re planning to fit your gel pad inside your seat and you’re not sure how to do so, we have a list of professional fitters who can assist you. No matter where you are in the UK, our team will be happy to tell you who your nearest recommended fitter is. 

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