Our Treat-Eezi Range for Pressure Sore Prevention and Treatment

Experience the difference with Treat-Eezi, designed by experts in pressure care management. Our innovative products, guided by 3D map thermographic imaging, offer pressure sore prevention and treatment by identifying pressure points accurately, ensuring targeted support for patients. With our mattress pressure mapped between 28mmHg and 34mmHg (millimetres of mercury) and a unique 4-layer design that addresses shearing, our overlays provide unique pressure relief for pressure sore prevention and healing. Unlike noisy pump systems, our static solution aids a good night’s sleep, without disruptions or maintenance hassles.

How Treat-Eezi Works

Treat-Eezi is unique in its construction and operation. Using a three-way weave spacer fabric, our overlays offer comfort as well as unique pressure sore prevention and healing. This design allows the top layer to collapse under body weight, evenly distributing pressure across the surface. The layered composition reduces shearing, a common cause of pressure sores.

Why Choose Treat-Eezi?

  • Precision Relief: Using advanced 3D pressure sensor mapping, our products provide targeted relief by accurately identifying pressure points, ensuring optimal support for patients.
  • Pressure Relief: Our unique 4-layer design that addresses shearing, our overlays offer unique pressure sore prevention, trusted by over 10,000 medical professionals since 2016.
  • Sleep Benefits: No noisy pump systems; our static solution guarantees a peaceful sleep environment, free from disruptions or maintenance hassles and allows the patient to sleep with their partner.
  • Breathability: Enhanced breathability ensuring optimal airflow for keeping patients comfortable and cool.
  • Endorsements and Warranty: Backed by endorsements from NHS community services and a full two-year warranty.
  • Easy Application: easy to follow instructions.
Helps heal Stage 2, 3 & 4 ulcers (clinically proven)
Completely maintenance free
Allows bed sharing with partner
Does not require electricity
Does not require pumps
Can be laundered to 92° celcius at home
Can be bleached
Silent running
Compact & easily transportable (e.g holidays)
Helps regulate body temperature
Cost effective
Easy to use - requires no training
Transferrable from bed to foam based chair
24 hour protection
Significantly helps reduce shearing
Pressure mapped at just 28mmHg
Wicks away moisture
Minimises friction between skin & pad

Who is Treat-Eezi For?

Treat-Eezi is suitable for individuals of all ages and conditions who require pressure sore prevention or healing. Whether you’re a patient recovering from surgery, an elderly individual at risk of pressure sores, or a caregiver seeking reliable pressure care solutions, Treat-Eezi is tailored to meet your pressure sore prevention and treatment needs.

What Our Customers Say About Treat-Eezi

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our customers and healthcare professionals have to say about Treat-Eezi and how it helps pressure sore prevention and healing:

I bought this product for my mother who has stage 4 cancer and open wounds on her buttocks. Within weeks, we noticed significant improvements in her comfort and wound healing.

As a nursing home, we have found Treat-Eezi highly effective in providing pressure relief without the need for noisy pumps or contingency plans during power cuts.

I have been using Treat-Eezi for three weeks now and can’t imagine sleeping without it. Not only has it improved my sleep quality, but it has also prevented the development of pressure sores.

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“WOW! What a difference!
I wish I’d known about this Treat Eezi years ago.
Had the best night’s sleep in years.
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“Overlay significantly cheaper than an air mattress, great if you’re on a tight budget like myself! Arrived quickly.”
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“The pad has dramatically improved my back issues when riding long distance. Very easy to fit and extremely comfortable.