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Welcome to Dan Medica South Ltd

Pressure Sore & Ulcer Specialists for Whoever You Are, Wherever You Are

Looking for a product to prevent pressure Ulcer & Sore issues? Then look no further as we are the only UK Specialized Pressure Care company who supply products to more than just the Healthcare industry to fit all problems related to tissue breakdown. With both a medical product range and a motorcycle product division we can address issues related to a wide section of both medical and non-medical industries. Our DebbonAir cushions for the high-risk wheelchair users have been adapted for use as exceptionally comfortable motorcycle seats which are capable of taking the rider hundreds of miles in comfort without the so-called “Numb Bum” effect which is common among the biking fraternity. Our medical division has gone one step further by introducing the Treat Eezi bed pad which is the first multi-weave community pressure relief overlay capable of helping heal stage 3 and indeed stage 4 pressure ulcers along with a full-length overlay, now available with an ACUTE care cover. This new generation patent-pending fabric technology now includes Pillowcases and a full-size hospital bed overlay encased in a wipe clean cover thus offering the highest protection against cross infection.

We firmly believe we are able to take care of most medical and non-medical clients, our client base includes the veterinary field, the military, professional stunt men & women and even Pinewood studios where our gels were used in the latest Star Wars movie The Force Awakens.

Whatever your issues we are here to help, if you can’t find a suitable product surfing our pages our Team are here to advise the best solution, let us help you alleviate your problems speedily and effectively.

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Treat-Eezi® Pressure Sore & Ulcer Products

Simple yet highly effective pressure ulcer range, effective in Community & Acute fields

Clinically proven to help heal Stages 2, 3 & 4 Ulcers

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“Deceptively simple yet Incredibly Effective”. These patent-pending products are rapidly becoming the preferred purchase by private individuals throughout the community (& Acute market) because we believe it is the softest, easy to use and economical way to treat patients susceptible to pressure sores allowing the patient a peaceful nights sleep ANYWHERE. Because of its size, it can be transported conveniently in any traveling case allowing the user complete freedom from the traditional products available. It offers 24-hour protection from bed to (foam based) chair using the same Treat-Eezi pad. The thousands of polyester fibres in the multiple layers of the Treat-Eezi pad combine to conform to the natural body contours in both supine and seated positions thereby offering pressure relief well below that of normal capillary blood flow hence skin breakdown and shearing, plus friction is simply diminished.

Wheelchair Cushions

A great cushioning range to suite everyone

Medium to High Risk Gel Cushioning

Medium to High Risk Fibre Cushion

Medium Risk Gel Pad for both standard seats & risers

Our Products

Our experience spanning over 30 years in pressure care gives our customers peace of mind in the knowledge they are purchasing a wheelchair cushion from a company who know about pressure care and the risk it entails when not treated properly as prevention is better than cure. Offering a complete range of Pressure Care Products, making life better for all those in need. Depending on your circumstances we offer Low to Medium risk Memory foam, Medium to High risk Polyurethane Gel and High risk Air inflated products.

If you need help and do not understand which product would suit your needs we are always at hand to give you information and advice. Feel free to click on the following link which cushion do I use to view our guide or send us a message and let the Pressure Care Specialists take the pressure!!

Motorcycle Seat Pads

Love your Bum, The Best possible way to avoid ``NUMB Bum``.

Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large Sizes

Superior Gel Pad with cover for exterior use in 4 different sizes suitable for all motorcycles and scooters.

Suitable for Interior Fitting only

A full range of medical gel pads for interior fitting only. Can be cut and resealed easily.

Exterior Fitting only

Using the latest fabric technology we have created a cushion which works exceptionally well in both intense weather conditions (extreme heat/driving rain).

Looking to resolve your Numb Bum problems & discomfort when riding? Well look no further; we have the best Air pads, the thickest Gel pads and the most practical Fibre seats resolving YOUR issues whatever YOUR circumstances.

With years of experience in the Medical industry specializing in pressure care for the disabled & infirm we have developed a range of products suitable for all types of motorcyclists, all packed with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty (outer covers excluded).

From seats specifically for the summer & for the rain to gel and air pads which give all year round protection for both rider and pillion.