How to achieve Zero Shearing

Further Technical Information Regarding Treat-Eezi and how we Achieve Zero Shear Forces.

There are many ways to look at this in so far as friction and zero shearing is concerned and the fact of the matter is no one has ever mapped a static pressure relieving device below capillary blood flow before.

In my 33 years of pressure care I came across surfaces that would reduce shear as well as friction however all the surfaces along with the thousands of patients were all pressure mapped at above 32mm Hg which straight away produces pressure along with closure of the peripheral arteries.  If a tissue viability nurses would like to tell me how they measure shearing forces with the equipment they currently use (and that equipment will always be well above BF) I will be the first to say I am wrong in saying zero shearing for Treat-Eezi.

The case for my statement is simple, the product is mapped below blood flow hence the top surface laying on the middle surface of the Treat-Eezi cannot cause friction or shearing otherwise the mm Hg would increase above 32mm Hg.

No one thought for the last 34 years you could have a surface which would be under capillary blood flow but it is not impossible when the materials used spread the load and are not forcing pressure back on the skin surface.  Treat-Eezi reduces shearing because it has no shearing effects on the 98% of the population with an even pelvic bone structure.  If anyone wishes to argue their point I will be very happy to talk to them.

In my opinion to date and to my knowledge, no one has managed to achieve the same results as we have hence they find it impossible to achieve zero shearing.

Derek Timm

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