Treat Eezi Seat Pad

Hi Lyn,

Following our phone chat, I thought I’d do this straight away because there might be so many people like me really struggling with ‘bottom’ problems & not knowing what to do for the best. My background is I’m 67 & have had problems since I was 25 following a cycling accident where I was hit from behind which displaced my coccyx & fractured the lower part of my pelvis (right side). I also inherited very pointy sitting bones from my father plus being extremely skinny.

Quite recently I became aware that on top of the chronic discomfort I was getting very rough areas of skin where my sitting bones connect with my non-existent buttocks. I did try using a moisturiser but when that didn’t work I realised there was a real danger of my developing pressure sores. That was when I ‘Googled’ & came across the Treat-Eezi seat pad. I decided to ring first & spoke to Derek who was extremely helpful & sympathetic. I was reassured enough to feel the seat pad was well worth trying.

It arrived promptly & was exactly as described. VERY THIN. So much so I did have my doubts but within less than a week the hard skin areas have gone. I am sleeping better as I put it under my hips at night. I’m sitting more comfortably as I have it on top of a cushion on my ‘working’ chair as well as my recliner for evenings slobbing in front of the TV. I don’t know if this is encouraging enough to convince ‘consultants’ to recommend patients try this? Maybe they have to have experience of these sorts of problems themselves? I don’t know but if this encourages one person to give one of your products a go & they find the relief I have then the time doing this has been more than worthwhile! I’d really like more people to know how incredibly helpful this product is & what a difference it’s made to my life already.
Thank you. With very best wishes, S. Francis.

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