Keeping Cool and Comfortable in Warmer Weathers

As summer and warmer weather is around the corner, it’s good to start thinking about how to stay comfortable and cool when mobility is limited.  The sleep environment becomes so important, because a disrupted sleep pattern can significantly impact health and quality of life. 

This blog covers ways to keep cool, focusing particularly on the benefits of a pressure relieving mattress overlay, to keep your patients or loved ones comfortable throughout the night. We’ll share effective strategies and the role specialised equipment plays in enhancing night time comfort.

Why keeping cool is so important for individuals with limited mobility

Individuals with limited mobility may struggle with temperature regulation due to reduced bodily movements and the inability to adjust their position easily. Excessive heat can lead to discomfort, sleep disturbances, and even severe health risks like heat stroke or dehydration. Therefore, managing the sleep environment is not just about comfort; it’s a critical aspect of health care.

Role of a pressure relieving mattress overlay

A pressure relieving mattress overlay not only helps in preventing pressure sores and enhancing comfort, but it also assists with heat management. These overlays are designed with materials that promote air circulation and dissipate heat,  preventing the build up of body heat and moisture.

Tips to keep cool at night

  • Breathable bedding

Select lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton for bed linens. These materials do not trap heat and help maintain a cooler sleep surface.

  • Air circulation

Ensure the room is well ventilated. Use fans or an air conditioner to promote air movement. Positioning a fan near the bed can help circulate air under and around a pressure relieving mattress overlay, enhancing its cooling effects.

  • Stay hydrated

Encourage hydration throughout the day. A well hydrated body can better regulate temperature and handle heat.

  • Use cooling pads or packs

Consider integrating cooling pads or gel packs that can be used on top of the mattress overlay. These products are specifically designed to absorb and dissipate heat effectively.

  • Pressure relieving mattress overlay

Pressure relieving mattress overlays can not only help prevent and heal pressure sores by reducing skin shearing, but some can help keep patients cooler at night.

Our Treat-Eezi pressure relieving mattress overlay has enhanced breathability ensuring optimal airflow for keeping patients comfortable and cool.

 In addition they work by using a unique 4-layer design that addresses skin shearing, a crucial factor in prevention for pressure ulcers. Unlike standard overlays, our products are guided by 3D pressure sensor mapping utilising a three-way weave spacer fabric that evenly distributes pressure over the entire surface. This layered composition moves against each other, minimising skin shearing and reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. 

Treat-Eezi is ideal for anyone in need of effective pressure care management for healing and prevention for pressure ulcers, as well as keeping cool. Whether you’re a patient recovering from surgery, an elderly individual prone to skin breakdown, or a caregiver looking for reliable solutions, the Treat-Eezi range can help. 

Using some of these methods to keep cool and comfortable can significantly improve sleep quality and overall well being for those with limited mobility during hot weather. 

Find out more about our pressure relieving mattress overlay range.

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