How To Relieve Pressure Sore Pain & Heal Wounds 

Pressure sores, commonly also known as pressure ulcers and bed sores, are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue. When people spend long periods of time sitting or lying in the same position and there is increased pressure on their skin, they are at a higher risk of developing pressure injuries. Unfortunately, pressure sores can be really difficult to prevent and they often develop gradually, becoming painful open wounds. 

Pressure injuries can be treated though and there are lots of options to explore to not only prevent pressure sores from getting worse, but to reduce the risk of new sores developing. Some of the most common treatments for pressure sores include; regularly changing position to relieve pressure, applying dressings to speed up the healing process, eating a healthy balanced diet and procedures to remove damaged tissue. 

Another brilliant way to treat pressure injuries is to use specially designed cushions and mattress overlays. These treatment products are perfect for anyone who is considered to be high-risk and they can have a huge impact on quality of life for people suffering from pressure sores. Below we have looked into how pressure sore relief cushions can help to relieve some of the pain you’re experiencing and heal your wounds. 

Reduce Pressure 

The main reason why pressure relief cushions are so effective is because they help to significantly reduce shear forces and distribute pressure. This can assist with the healing process of stage 2, 3 and 4 pressure ulcers, reducing the pain pressure injuries cause. 

Some pressure products use electricity and pumps, however, the Treat-Eezi products are more simple and cost-effective. They’re designed with a patented 4 Layer Fabric Technology and there are thousands of polyester fibres in each layer, which enable the cushion to conform to the natural body contours in both supine and seated positions. A Treat-Eezi cushion can provide 24-hour relief too as it can be moved from bed to chair as required. 

Prevent Chafing 

Whilst you should regularly change position if you have pressure injuries, this can be really painful and if your pressure sores are rubbing against your bed or chair, it can make them worse. Thankfully, pressure sore relief cushions are designed to gently move with you. 

When you use a pressure treatment product, friction will be diminished, helping to prevent skin breakdown and shearing. The cushion will naturally move with your body, creating an almost zero chafing area and preventing additional pain. It will be much easier to have a comfortable night’s sleep when you’re able to move your body without experiencing painful chafing. 

Improve Blood Flow 

When blood flow to the skin and underlying tissue is reduced, your pressure sores will likely continue to get worse. Having good blood flow really is key to healing pressure injuries and it can also help you to maintain healthy tissue.

Pressure sore relief cushions are designed to spread the weight-bearing load and distribute pressure to a much better level. This, in turn, will improve blood flow to your pressure injuries and any areas that are susceptible to pressure sores. When blood flow is improved, the affected areas stand a much better chance of healing and they won’t be as painful. 

Lower Body Temperature 

Using pressure sore relief cushions can also help to reduce your temperature. These products are designed so that air can flow through every square centimetre of the surface area and they have a cooling effect over and above other surfaces.

Not only will you be kept much cooler when sitting or lying on a pressure treatment product, making it easier to get comfortable, but the increased airflow will give your wounds the best possible chance to breathe and heal. You will notice a big difference when using a pressure relief cushion when compared to other foam-based chairs and beds. 

Investing In A Pressure Relief Cushion

There is no denying that a pressure sore relief cushion is a brilliant product to use whenever you’re suffering from pressure injuries. If you would like to find out more about the pressure sore treatment products available, be sure to explore the rest of the Dan Medica South website today. We supply a selection of products that are specifically designed to help anyone who spends long periods of time sitting or lying in the same position. 

Here at Dan Medica South, pressure care is our passion and we concentrate solely on preventing and helping to heal pressure ulcers. We are very proud to say that our Treat-Eezi cushions and overlays have helped thousands of people achieve comfort, and they have become solutions for complicated cases where other products have failed. Should you have any questions about pressure relief cushions, feel free to get in touch with our knowledgeable team today. We are more than happy to help. 

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