Biking Enthusiasts fate!

Couldn’t help posting this lovely email from a customer who has purchased one of our motorcycle gel pads, showing how fate put two individuals together!

What a lovely reply Lynne – made my day! OK, as I am clearly doing nothing much I’ll tell you a little story..I’ve been riding bikes since I was 7, having saved up for my first one since I was 4, so this is a life-long thing. I had a big smash back in 1986, the Friday before Christmas as I was on my way to pay the guys I employed their wages and bonus etc, so had a big wodge of cash in my front pocket. A drunk driver (who actually worked for the police, but wasn’t a policeman) turned straight into me, sending me flying into 5 cars before I hit the ground. The last car I hit turned out to be driven by a woman who worked at the paint shop I used, so knew me. She was on her way to a funeral, her car wouldn’t start so she borrowed one from a friend, turned out she wasn’t insured to drive it so she got fined, something I didn’t know for a couple of years when I next went into the shop.I spent one of the best Christmases ever – 8 blokes all with broken bones on a ward. None of us was ill, all full of morphine etc, friends coming in with curries (hence the email address..) and bottles of wine, beer, champagne etc. Nurses were having to be helped to the toilets or lifted off the floor as they were so drunk – it was memorable for some…Anyway, I met a young student nurse and fell in love. I was in for a couple of months, but when I got out I took her to Tunisia for a belated Valentines day weekend and first date. I was on crutches with metal rods sticking out of my leg (external fixation) and got put on one of those buggies that go Beep Beep and get you to the front of the queue. As we were beeping along a tall gentleman came rushing up and pointed to my leg saying ‘I recognize that, it’s my work’ He was my surgeon, who despite having already had 4 operations I’d never actually met (or didn’t remember meeting) My little nurse was all red-faced and embarrassed. So, onto the plane, being treated like a lord, and being in my mid 20’s and a builder, full of chat. Free wine, free nibbles, and first off once we had landed. Seemed that everyone on the plane knew about me by then. We waited for our baggage. Took a while. I got tired so sat on the next carousel. Then, my carousel got turned on. My crutches were left behind and I couldn’t get up off the belt. Thankfully someone pushed the emergency button just before I went through the black flaps. It caused much amusement and more embarrassment for Kate, my nurse. The holiday was wonderful – me on a wheelchair being bought drinks by all who were on the plane, Kate blaming the sun for her red face, and a few years later we got married, still are.

So, there you go, a little tale from one of your happy customers. Have a good Monday Lynne, Cheers, Steve 

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