Using Treat-Eezi Products To Help Heal Pressure Sores

Unfortunately, pressure sores (also known as pressure ulcers and bedsores) aren’t uncommon in those who spend the majority of their time sitting in a chair or lying in a bed. Simply put, these sores are injuries to the skin and underlying tissues, and it is the prolonged pressure on the skin that causes this type of injury. Pressure sores can affect any part of the body, but they most commonly occur on bony areas, like the elbows, heels, hips and base of the spine. 

It can be really difficult to completely prevent pressure sores and even those who regularly change position, check their skin daily for early symptoms and have a healthy balanced diet can still get pressure ulcers. Thankfully, it is possible to treat pressure sores and depending on how severe they are; they may be fairly straightforward to heal with dressings or they may need surgery which is sometimes used in the most serious cases. 

Whether you know someone with early symptoms (a grade 1 pressure sore), an open wound/blister (a grade 2 pressure sore), a deep wound (a grade 3 pressure sore) or even a very deep wound that has reached the muscle and bone (a grade 4 pressure sore), Treat-Eezi products can help them and here’s how; 

Prevent the pressure sore from getting worse 

You may frequently hear that one way to stop pressure sores from getting worse and to help them heal is to use a mattress with a constant flow of air running through it, but the Treat-Eezi bed overlay prevents the need for pumps and electricity. This overlay is specifically designed to allow air to flow through every square centimetre of the surface area. 

The air that flows through this Treat-Eezi product doesn’t just help to reduce the user’s temperature and keep them cool, but it also helps to relieve and redistribute pressure too. The bed overlay will provide cushioning support where needed to the user and also offer relief to the skin that is trying to heal, helping to prevent the wound from becoming worse. 

Reduce shearing whilst sitting and lying 

Treat-Eezi products are made with a quadruple layer of fine polyester fibres which allows the bed overlay and the seat overlay to naturally and gently move with the user. This helps to create almost zero shearing on the area around the pressure wound, giving it the best possible chance to breathe and heal whilst the user moves around during the day or night. 

In addition to this, the thousands of polyester fibres in each layer of the Treat-Eezi products allows them to conform to the user’s body contours in both a seated and supine position, helping to improve blood flow and speed up the healing process. Not to mention, the user will be much more comfortable as well, helping them to sleep better which can also speed up healing. 

Provide 24-hour protection

Unlike other treatments for pressure sores, Treat-Eezi products can provide 24-hour protection to the user. Due to the fact that the products can be easily transferred between a bed and a chair, no matter where the user spends their time, their wounds will be protected. They can also keep a user protected during the night when they’re usually unable to be repositioned. 

Various products for different areas 

Not only can you purchase Treat-Eezi overlay mattresses and seat overlays, but with pillowcases and heel rests available too, it is possible to provide direct support and relief to the areas that are most likely to be affected by pressure sores. The most suitable products can be chosen for the user’s individual circumstances, ensuring that their pressure sores are healing. 

Investing in Treat-Eezi products

All in all, whilst you may be trying to prevent pressure sores from occurring in the first place, sometimes people who spend a lot of time sitting or lying in the same position will still suffer from these wounds. Thankfully, the Treat-Eezi products can make such a huge difference to those who have developed pressure ulcers and they can significantly reduce the healing stage of not just grade 1 pressure sores, but even grade 4 pressure sores too. 

When you’re wanting to purchase Treat-Eezi products to help someone who is at risk of developing pressure sores or someone is struggling to heal any existing wounds, please feel free to explore the Dan Medica South Limited website. We are the only UK specialised pressure care company that supplies products to more than just the healthcare industry and we really do have products to suit all problems related to tissue breakdown. If you have any questions at all regarding our Treat-Eezi products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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