I have been keeping a spreadsheet on the use of Treat-Eezi…


I have been keeping a spreadsheet on the use of Treat-Eezi.

I believe it to be a realistic and an honest reflection of what we would have spent without Treat-Eezi

There needs to be a bigger uptake now though but it’s still easier to order air than a Treat Eezi (the problem with managing the roll out so tightly!), I might have to make air alternating more difficult to order and make it easier to do Treat-Eezi!

I have asked for clinician feedback, but as you would expect heard nothing back!!

But no-one has complained!

And I have heard conversationally about healing that has happened and clients with strong opinions (is that diplomatic enough?!) being happy.

I have had one failed attempt as the seat pad slipped off the chair, even with a mattress fully tucked in we couldn’t resolve it. But that was due to a telecare seat pressure sensor, and when that is replaced with an infra-red sensor the problem will be solved and a seat pad will work.

The key thing is to only make it available against the more expensive options in normal use, in our case alternating air and special order chairs with pressure care.

If a foam will work they can’t have Treat Eezi!! Unless they can evidence that a foam is failing and need it for other reasons, eg a client wouldn’t comply with foam but was happy to sit on Treat Eezi

Currently all orders come via me so I can ensure we are gaining the benefits. A free for all would offer us much less of a saving as people like these, and I know they would be used instead of items at half the price that would have done the job. Especially as our cushions start from £14!!

I need to embed the behaviours before loosening my grip. Once I am doing more of these than air alternating then I will …………….. run out of hours in the day!!!; but then look at pushing authorisation back to team leads. Without scrutiny we could very easily end up in an “all roads lead to Treat-Eezi” situation!! And not see the benefit on cost.

We delivered  549 (£293,180) worth of dynamic air mattresses alone in the 2018, we save £311.63 every time we send a Treat-Eezi instead. So if we only replace half that’s an £85, 476.55 saving a year. And I am more optimistic than that! Which I am sure is nothing compared to a London store!

Not to mention not having to do testing and maintenance on them so saving on those activities too.

Happy to speak to people, if you want to pass on my details


M, Occupational Therapist (NHS)

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