The Undeniable Benefits Of Treat-Eezi Products

There are a number of different situations that lead to a person having to spend long periods of time laying or sitting in the same position. As you may well know, unfortunately, this can lead to a number of medical problems and it can be detrimental to a person’s health and wellbeing. For this reason, here at Dan Medica South, we have developed a overlay made from thousands of polyester fibres called ‘Treat-Eezi’.

This overlay can be used in a number of different ways, but it is most commonly used as a mattress overlay or a seat overlay and it can be incredibly beneficial. If you’re interested in finding out more about Treat-Eezi products and why they are worthwhile using, keep reading today. Below we have listed some of the biggest advantages to these versatile Treat-Eezi overlays and looked into how they can help people from all walks of life in different circumstances.

Offer pressure relief to users

Arguably, the most beneficial thing about Treat-Eezi products is that they are able to dramatically reduce the risk of people getting pressure ulcers. Unfortunately, these ulcers, also known as pressure sores or bed sores, are really common in people who spend a lot of time in either supine or seated positions and they can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable. 

The polyester fibres in each layer of a Treat-Eezi overlay conform to the body’s natural contours and provide welcomed pressure relief which is incredibly effective in reducing the risk of pressure sores. Clinical studies have shown that these mattress overlays can improve the users blood flow as well, helping them maintain healthy tissue and they can even prevent skin breakdown and shearing too. In addition to this, friction is diminished also. 

Help heal any existing bed sores

Not only are Treat-Eezi overlays effective in preventing common problems associated with sitting or laying for long periods of time, but they can also be incredibly beneficial for treating patients who are already suffering from bed stores. So, it isn’t just people who are at high risk of developing pressure ulcers that can benefit from these mattress overlays. 

Clinical trials have shown that Treat-Eezi products have assisted in healing stages; 2, 3 and 4 for open wounds within as little as 4 weeks. This can make a huge difference to peoples’ day-to-day lives and recovery processes. Unlike other pressure relieving equipment, these overlays work just like any other mattress protector, so no pumps or electricity is needed. Users can simply place them on top of their mattress and begin to reap their benefits. 

Provide increased comfort for users 

In addition to reducing pressure for the user by conforming to their natural body contours, Treat-Eezi products can also make those who spend a lot of time in both supine and seated positions much more comfortable as well. For example, when compared to other surfaces, these mattresses overlays are proven to reduce the users temperature.

Due to the way that Treat-Eezi products are designed, they are able to increase air flow through every square centimeter of the surface area, meaning they are highly effective in keeping the user cool and comfortable. Many who have used these mattress overlays have found that they slept much better than when they have used other products that pump air. Of course, sleep is vital to health and wellbeing, so this is incredibly advantageous. 

Purchasing Treat-Eezi products 

There really is no denying that there are a number of benefits to using various Treat-Eezi products and it is easy to see why they are becoming frequently sought after for a range of different settings. No matter what your circumstances may be or why you spend a long period of time sitting or laying in the same same position, it goes without saying that Treat-Eezi overlays can make a huge difference to your life and they are undoubtedly a worthwhile investment. 

When looking for somewhere to purchase Treat-Eezi products, be sure to visit the Dan Medica South website. From mattress overlays to seat overlays, we have a brilliant selection of products for you to choose from and we invite you to browse through our full range today. With a combined experience of over 40 years in the medical industry between us, you can always purchase from us in confidence knowing that you will be receiving exemplary products that are incredibly effective. Pressure care is our passion and we are proud to say we have helped thousands of people in the past, and we look forward to helping you too. 

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